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IT organizations, typically, are characterized by complex and heterogeneous systems that run on different technologies. These systems need to work seamlessly with each other and align with the common business objectives of the company, to ensure optimum value as a single, consolidated IT unit.

CyberTech is an expert in IT integration with over fifteen years of experience across multiple industry sectors and technology domains. We offer a range of services including our proprietary integration solution, CyberServe, to effectively integrate your IT systems and ensure mutual compatibility and interoperability to meet your larger business goals.

Our extensive expertise in leading Geographic Information Systems, Infrastructure and Enterprise Solutions technologies, along with strategic partnerships with industry leaders such as ESRI, SAP, Vidsys and CISCO, position us as leaders in the system integration space. Our consultants work closely with you to understand your business objectives, assess your existing IT and process frameworks, and deliver a robust, integrated IT platform that is updated, scalable, secure, and always available.


We have delivered several successful integration projects for many leading organizations worldwide, using the following SAP technologies:

  • NetWeaver - enabling business process integration across technological boundaries, and integration of SAP systems with each other as well as with non SAP systems using SAP XI that provides a technical infrastructure for XML-based message exchange
  • SAP Mobile Infrastructure - providing a platform independent run-time environment for SAP mobile solutions to enable people to work efficiently in connected as well as disconnected modes
  • Enterprise Portal - the front-end component for SAP NetWeaver™ facilitating the alignment of people, information, and business processes across organizational and technical boundaries
  • SAP Web Application Server - a complete development infrastructure to develop, distribute and execute platform independent, robust, and scalable business applications on ABAP, Java, and web services

We have also integrated SAP with GIS systems for several customers improving their operational efficiency in asset and project management