S2 Platform


Transform your enterprise with solutions built on CyberTech’s S2 platform. S2 is a next-gen revolutionary SAP services platform that leverages 15 years of deep technical expertise with strong cross industry proficiency providing cost benefits, while effectively mitigating its associated risks.

S2 delivers the real power of SAP while optimizing the existing SAP landscape.

S2 platform comprises of components and methodologies that significantly reduce the Total Cost of Ownership by speeding up deployment and eliminating risks across the enterprise life-cycle.

Using components built over a decade of SAP experience, our Zero Risk methodologies for SAP Implementation (ZRSITM) and Support(ZRSSTM) ensure:

  • Assured tighter control on resource skills, work quality and on-time delivery capability
  • Alignment to business needs
  • Procedures, Standards, Guidelines enforced at each step of project execution and support

Key Benefits
  • Reduced Implementation Costs
  • Ready to deploy Apps
  • Seamless integration with a variety of data sources
  • Reduced TCO
  • Industry specific solutions