Education K-12


In today’s world the main challenge K-12 schools are dealing with is “doing more with less”. With decreasing budgets and reduced workforce they need to handle increased class size and tough competition to earn higher ratings. Additionally, uncertainty in future state and federal budgetary allocations have restricted their spending capacity.

CyberTech’s SAP solutions for K-12 has a way out for you in this situation. Our SAP solutions enable our clients to reduce their IT operational cost, save manpower requirement and provide better control over their information assets (or system).

Our SAP solutions for K-12 schools save money, reduce IT risk and increase return on investment.

  • HCM
  • Student Lifecycle management
  • Project management
Success Story
  • A large school district that has 65 schools in operation, with more than 50,000 student enrollment & $460 Mn in operating budgets
  • The district operates under strict state & federal guidelines for running its business; this has resulted in newer processes tailored specifically for the district
  • The District had a challenge to manage their SAP landscape and provide support to end users with very limited internal staff and budgets
  • Systems support: CyberTech took over the responsibility of managing and administering THE SCHOOL District's SAP systems
  • End user support: CyberTech created a very effective engagement model to provide support to end users utilizing on-site and offsite resources
  • SAP Upgrade: CyberTech completed SAP systems upgrade by moving from 4.6C to the latest ECC6.0 platform in record time
  • Substantially reduction in SAP support costs year after year made possible by the unique on site – offsite combination engagement model from CyberTech
  • End users are empowered with instant expert and high quality production support so they can run their business processes without delays
  • Being on the latest available technological platform enables the District to leverage on the new features and enhancements provided by SAP from time to time, thereby saving on development effort